The Ingredient That Surprisingly Matches with Coffee

We know that coffee goes well with many different things – milk, chocolate, butter, and even alcohol. However, if you’re looking for new ways to enjoy your caffeine, adding this ingredient can really shake things up.

Coconut is well-known for its versatility and health benefits. The flesh can be eaten on its own, or made into coconut milk (a great, fibre-rich alternative to dairy milk) and coconut oil (a fine source of essential fatty acids which help vitamin absorption). The coconut water also helps rehydration with high level of potassium and great taste.

Here are a few ways to incorporate coconut to your coffee…

  • Swap the full-cream milk with coconut milk to get that distinct sweet, nutty flavour.
  • Put in a teaspoon of melted coconut oil and butter in a hot cup of coffee to keep you full for longer.
  • You can also freeze coconut water or milk in an ice cube tray, and use the cubes to cool your coffee!
  • A lot of coconut water products on the market come in different flavours (including espresso!) that you can experiment with.