Recipes: Coffee-Inspired Pastries

A perfect breakfast includes at least two things: a cup of coffee and scrumptious pastries. The bitter kick of caffeine does not have a better companion than the sweet, carb-rich bite. But what if we can combine the two? Here are five best recipes for coffee-infused pastries…

  1. Mini Coffee Cake Muffins

Source: Brooklyn Farm Girl

For when you want your coffee cake to be breakfast-ready. Recipe here.


  1. Beignets with Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce

Source: Heart of A Baker

The vegan-friendly recipe is bliss on a plate. Get the deets here.


  1. Irish Coffee Cake Scones

Source: Seasonly Creations

Top the scones with chocolate chips, and enjoy with a cup of long black. Find the recipe here.


  1. Coffee Pecan Pound Cake

Source: Love Foodies

This moist cake is perfect for you to wrap up and eat on the go. Read up on the recipe here.


  1. Eclairs with Mocha Pastry Cream

Source: Annie’s Eats

The fluffy and soft pâte à choux meets the espresso-based cream – it’s a match made in heaven. Learn how to make them here.