Nutella Cafe Opens in NYC

Nutella has graced the world with a second café in New York City.

After opening its first location in Chicago, Nutella is launching its Union Square café on Wednesday. More than 100 people lined up on the debut day of the permanent store.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the grand opening of the Nutella Cafe New York in one of the greatest culinary cities in the world,” said Rick Fossali, vice president of operations at Nutella Cafe.

“The response to our first Nutella Cafe in Chicago has been outstanding, and we cannot wait to treat New Yorkers and tourists alike to a wonderfully delicious Nutella experience showcasing the uniqueness and versatility of this beloved product.”

Expect Nutella-infused treats such as crepes, hazelnut blondies, crème brulee, grilled baguette, brioche sandwich, frozen ice pops, Nutella latte and more. You can also score Nutella-themed accessories and, of course, the spread itself.

Nutella Café is open at 116 University Place in Union Square, NYC. Excuse us while we book our tickets.