What Makes A Good Croissant?

Croissant is a great companion to your coffee time – but how do you differentiate the great from the mediocre? Here are the things that make the flaky pastry perfect, according to experts:


Texture and Colour

A good croissant should be crunchy on the outside, and fluffy and moist on the inside. The croissant should also have shiny golden brown colour rather than pale beige, which may indicate industrial processing.



On the inside of the croissant, the buttery layers of pastry need to be thick enough. “The flakiness of croissants relies heavily on thicker layers of butter and pastry,” said Jean Michel Raynaud, chef and owner of La Renaissance in Sydney.


Smell and Flavour

In croissant, the taste of butter should be intense while still not overpowering the dough. “The taste has to be endless and complex, reflecting the scents of caramel, butter, yeast, and nuts,” said cuisine blogger Carlotta Casciola. “The more persistent and enjoyable, the better.” Saltiness is also needed in small doses, so as to not throw off the balance.


The more you know! Ready to hunt the best croissant in your city?