Five Youtube Channels Coffee Fans Should Check Out

Coffee enthusiasts can’t get enough of two things: coffee itself, and learning about coffee. If you’re particularly into the latter, watching some coffee-related Youtube videos could be an entertaining and educative activity to do in your pastime. Here are five Youtube channels that you should check out for all things coffee:

Sweet Maria’s Coffee

Sweet Maria discloses a lot of things about the inside world of a coffee practitioner, including picking coffee beans all around the world, trying out fancy coffeemaking equipment, and general roasting and brewing tutorials.


Seattle Coffee Gear

Aspiring baristas should check this out! This educational channel uploads a new video every day, with themes ranging from trying out recipes, testing out and comparing gears, experimenting with new techniques, or even just answering simple questions.



This Australian-based channel is well-known for its latte art videos – learning how to make heart on top of your coffee is a great party trick, indeed. However, the channel also offers other interesting content, such as tips on using your espresso machine and answering general barista FAQ.


Whole Latte Love

This channel is like a one-stop shop: everything you’re looking for is here, be it gear reviews, bean reviews, in-depth tutorials, tech comparisons, coffee-related recipes… you got it.


European Coffee Trip

Before you go for your European holidays, don’t forget to watch a video from them (or three, or five). This channel explores coffee drinks, gears and techniques from many different European cities that will make you wanna book a flight immediately. There are also interesting interviews with baristas and coffee experts.