Event: From Seed to Cup: A Window to the Coffee Journey

To become a warm, comforting drink in your cup, coffee goes through a long journey. If you want to satisfy your coffee curiosity, this workshop will give you knowledge about the whole process – and a few tasters, of course.

Get a walkthrough of coffee origins from plantation to roastery, different processing methods and the various techniques of cupping, grinding and brewing the beans. Don’t forget to join in on the fun part: tasting coffees made with various beans, roast and brew techniques by Di Bartoli baristas. You can also go home with a bag of bean samples!

Hosting the talks will be Tercio Borba of 3Brothers Coffee Australia and Ofra Ronen of Di Bartoli.

Tickets are $26 excluding fees. For more information, visit the Eventbrite page.

Thursday, November 8, 6-8pm | Rosebery Coffee Hub, 647 Botany Road, Rosebery