Combining Tea and Coffee in One Cup

Coffee is great, and so is tea. But what about both together?

The mixture of coffee and tea in one cup might be more common than you think. Dirty chai latte, or an espresso shot mixed into chai tea, is a common fixture in a lot of cafes. You can even order one in Starbucks in its original form or its vegan alternative with soy/almond milk.

In Hong Kong, the mixture of tea and coffee can be found in Yuenyeung, a mixture of equal parts coffee and HK-style milk tea. You can also customise it according to your preferences – so if you require more kick out of the drink, try having it with 7 parts coffee to 3 parts milk tea. In Malaysia, this drink is also known by the name of Kopi Cham.

Generally speaking, you can also find a coffee-tea-milk concoction in Taiwanese bubble tea shops. Some examples include Chatime’s Coffee Frozen Tea and Sharetea’s Coffee Creama.

So, will you try these coffee-tea drinks anytime soon?