British Supermarket Chain to Remove All Disposable Coffee Cups

A major British grocery chain has announced its plan to remove all plastic cups from its stores by the end of the year to reduce plastic and packaging waste.

Waitrose said the move, which sees customers using refillable cups to get their free tea or coffee from the shops’ self-serve machines, will reduce the use of disposable cups by 52 million units across the UK.

The removal scheme will be rolled out in nine Waitrose stores from April 30 before expanding nationwide in phases. It is expected that by the end of autumn, more than 350 Waitrose stores in the UK will have this program running.

We realise this is a major change, but we believe removing all takeaway disposable cups is the right thing to do for our business and are confident the majority of customers will support the environmental benefits,” said Tor Harris, head of sustainability and responsible sourcing at Waitrose.

“It underlines our commitment to plastic and packaging reduction, and our aim is to deliver this as quickly as possible.”

Do you want a similar policy to be applied in Australia?