Best Watermelon Tea Recipes

Who doesn’t love watermelon? The sweet, juicy and refreshing taste is always a welcome addition to drinks, including our favourite – tea. Here are a few recipes that combines tea with watermelon water for a nice afternoon drink to share…

Watermelon Basil Lime Iced Tea by the Candid Appetite

Using a black and green tea blend, this drink also features thinly sliced fresh basil and lime juice for a refreshing tangy flavour.


Iced Matcha Watermelon Tea by Oh, How Civilised

For an Instagram-worthy drink, go for this one. The vivid green from the matcha powder meets the red from pureed watermelon cubes to make for a beautiful concoction.


Watermelon Mint Sweet Tea by Zen and Spice

More into mint? Try using mint and honey green tea as this recipe prescribes for a light, grassy and spicy touch.


Matcha Shake by Healthy Happy Life

Looking for something a bit more filling? Go for this thick, glorious matcha shake, featuring frozen watermelon, banana and soy milk.


Watermelon Hibiscus Lime Cooler by Tasty Yummies

This flowery drink – literally, because it contains hibiscus tea – can easily be turned into an alcoholic cocktail. Happy hour, anyone?