All the Coffee Knowledge You Need in 6 Infographics

Is cafe au lait the same as cafe latte? How is Kenyan coffee different from the Ethiopian one? There are so many things to understand about coffee out there – let’s make this easy to access with just six infographics!

1. How does Sumatran coffee compare to the Colombian one in terms of taste? Wonder no more.


2. Flat white or cafe latte? No more confusion with this helpful chart.

Source: Ria Novosti


3. There are numerous ways to brew coffee – let this infographic help you choose.

Source: Homegrounds


4. Light or dark roast? Don’t fret when ordering at a cafe – this chart will help you assess the menu!


5. Pair your favorite coffee with a dessert that complements well.


6. Channel your inner barista with this info.

Source: Express Vending