A Fitzroy Café Bans Takeaway Coffee Orders

Grabbing a takeaway coffee might be an important part of your morning routine, but this Fitzroy café has decided to do away with it.

Espresso and wine bar Napier Quarter announced that they will no longer be serving takeaways starting December 21 in an effort to promote the culture of sitting in and enjoying their sip.

Co-owner Daniel Lewis told Broadsheet that the policy was initially aimed at reducing the use of disposable coffee cups, but he soon realised the benefits of having your beverage in the café.

“The younger generation don’t remember a time when there wasn’t takeaway coffee. I do,” Lewis told The Age.

“I’m trying to get people to savour the experience of having a coffee. You have a knock-off glass of wine after work and it’s about sitting down and talking to people; you wouldn’t put that in a takeaway cup and hop on the tram.”

Lewis also noted that banning takeaways will make for a more relaxed environment for regulars, who can enjoy their drinks without the people standing around waiting for their order.

To encourage more visitors, the café has lowered the prices: from $3 to $2 for an espresso and from $4 to $3.50 for a milky brew.

“I think it is really important in that day and age instead of facilitating this really wasteful takeaway culture,” said Lewis. “Everyone thinks they are so much busier, but they are not. You can certainly make time to sit down and have a coffee.”