4 Youtube Channels Tea Fans Should Check Out

Looking to make your browsing time more productive by learning something new? Pour your cup of tea and enjoy these insightful channels, all focusing on the art of tea.

Mei Leaf

Description: “This channel is dedicated to spreading our passion and knowledge about tea and encourage everyone to become a tea connoisseur and lover. No tea bags, just the magic of the real leaf. We cover all types of tea from White tea, Green tea (and Matcha), Oolong tea, Black tea and Puerh (and other prost-fermented) tea.”



Description: “TeaDB is a website and podcast started by friends and tea lovers James Schergen and Denny Chapin … We invite you to learn alongside us in our tea journeys! Format-wise, TeaDB consists of weekly tea tastings (on youtube) and biweekly articles. In our videos we taste and review a tea and discuss the vendor/tea while giving our personal recommendation.”


Czajnikowy.pl – dobra herbata!

Description: “Czajnikowy.pl is an extraordinary community focused around tea, brews and yerba mate. On our blog you will find hundreds of tips, recipes and you’ll also learn about the history of tea.”


Zhen Tea

Description: “As tea enthusiasts, we love teas from all over the world, but our expertise lies exclusively in Chinese tea. I (Zhen) grew up in a tea family with over 20 years experience in both academic (book publications and guest professor in major universities) and practical (helping farmers and producers improve their tea quality) sides of tea in China. Phil as a newbie to tea has a different experience than most western tea drinkers. He has been trained by a seasoned Chinese tea expert making him a great bridge between western culture and Chinese tea and culture.

We want to make this channel a free education platform for tea lovers who are interested in learning about the real deal. If you have had professional training, you will find info here that you cannot find elsewhere. For those who just want to enjoy some tea and learn a little, this is also where we share our tea journey.”